Sponsoring PyData Frankfurt & Südwest

PyData Frankfurt & Südwest would like to continue in its efforts to promote exchange and know-how transfer about Python on events. Therefore, we are looking for sponsors, who are willing to provide event locations and presentation equipment (microphone, projector, projection screen, public address system) without charging room- or consumption-costs. In return, the sponsor will benefit from direct access to a great talent pool of experts from the technology industry. As a sponsor of PyData Frankfurt & Südwest, you will thus not only get into touch with a sophisticated target group, but also have the opportunity to present yourself as company and potential employee. Moreover, sponsoring the PyData Frankfurt & Südwest will raise awareness of your brand throughout various media channels and the PyData community.

Benefits of PyData Frankfurt & Südwest Sponsorship:

  • Recruiting Tech Talents
  • Direct access to a target group
  • Building a reputation
  • Increased visibility
  • New clients and customers
  • New business partnerships
  • Better perception by your target audience
  • Community